Let the Music Play: Canada 2017 Summer Concert Guide

Published : 08/01/2017 15:19:55

Photo credit: Fleet Foxes

Our love for live music is well documented. Taking in the rhythm and lyrics of our favourite artists up-close and personal always serves to be an unforgettable experience. Here we’ve compiled a few of the summer concerts we’ve marked on our calendars and the songs to get us inspired for the big day!

Fleet Foxes


Photo Credit: Fleet Foxes

With hits like Mykonos and Montezuma, this band’s mellow tone has an inherent summery feel. Fleet Foxes is set to perform twice in Toronto this month on August 4th and 5th and they return to Canada on September 13th for a performance in Vancouver. Before the show, be sure to take a listen to their latest album 'Crack Up' to learn all their new hits.

The Decemberists

Photo Credit: The Decemberists

Our western Canadian friends can prepare to enjoy a live performance from The Decemberists this month, as the band is scheduled to perform in Vancouver on August 8th and Calgary on August 9th. This group’s music brings together a beautiful mix of engaging lyrics and soft beats, ideal for the season of sun and relaxation. Songs like ‘Make You Better’ and ‘Don’t Carry It All’ are perfect choices to add to your playlist to get inspired for this Indie group’s big show!

Arcade Fire

Photo Credit: Arcade Fire

Cap off the summer season with a flame! Montreal-based Arcade Fire will be performing in our flagship city on September 5th. The band will continue their tour into Ontario, Alberta and B.C in the following months, so the thrill of the summer season can carry into fall. This band has several great songs that will help you get pre-show ready, but we always come back to ‘Neighbourhood #1’ and ‘No Cars Go’.

Your soundtrack for the summer is ready. Prepare to enjoy a season of incredible live music and adventures!

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